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Welcome to Toby  T-Shirts & Apparel / TobyCentreSydney.com 

Welcome to my website, Toby Evans who creates all the artworks and designs for the website has been creating digital artworks since 2015.  

The focus of the artworks has been to fuse old styles of painting with Australian and international locations.

I combine art influences from fauvism (1904-1910, pointillism (1886-1919) and neo-impressionism (1884-1906) as references for my collection of artworks. 

I love the pure colour, technicalities of colour application to express shape and form with a collection of colours rather than one or two colour to describe something that is in the landscape I'm painting.

Why choose products by Toby?

you would be supporting original Australian art.

The product you choose is printed on a high-quality garment or fabric in the case it's a bag or lounge cushion.


learn more about the printing techniques we use see :

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