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Barangaroo in yellow

"Barangaroo Vibrance: A Fauvist Sydney Reverie" bathes the iconic waterfront of Barangaroo, Sydney, in a riot of vivid yellow, capturing the essence of this bustling metropolis with a bold Fauvist twist. The predominant use of yellow washes over the scene, infusing it with a sense of boundless energy and warmth. The Fauvist style's characteristic bold, non-representational colour choices transform the recognizable Sydney s Highrise buildings into a vibrant dreamscape, where reality and imagination meld.


Beneath the exuberant yellow sky, a tranquil, azure-hued clouds scatter across the sky adding a touch of surrealism to the scene, challenging conventional colour palettes and inviting the viewer into a parallel universe where the familiar is reinvented. In the foreground, a tourism boat bobs gently in the iridescent waters of the dock, a visual anchor amidst the vivid chaos of colour. "Barangaroo Vibrance" is a symphony of colours and shapes that celebrates the lively spirit of Barangaroo and the Fauvist penchant for defying tradition, ushering the viewer into a dazzling dreamscape where Sydney's iconic harbour is reborn with newfound vibrancy.

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