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Ollie and Otis

In this captivating piece, two dogs are rendered with a mastery of color and form that breathes life and emotion into the canvas. Toby employs a unique style, where geometric shapes and vibrant hues intertwine to create an image that is both abstract and realistic. Every stroke, every polygon of color is meticulously placed, contributing to the overall narrative of companionship and loyalty.

The dogs, portrayed mid-expression, exude a sense of liveliness; their eyes sparkle with an intelligence and warmth that transcends the limitations of the canvas. Evans has managed to encapsulate not just their physical likeness but their spirit – there’s a palpable energy that seems to radiate from them.

The background is a symphony of colours – blues, purples, greens – each shape distinct yet harmoniously blending into the next. It’s as if Evans is drawing parallels between the multifaceted nature of his subjects and the complex interplay of emotions they inspire in us.

This artwork isn’t just a portrayal but an experience; it invites viewers not just to observe but to feel. To look at this painting is to step into a world where emotion is colour, where every shape tells a story, and where man’s best friend is not just seen but profoundly felt.

if you look carefully on the left and right OLLIE and OTIS have their names embedded in the background,

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