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New 2020 Artwork releases, Geometric Elephant and Watson's bay

This week at Toby Centre Sydney 2 artworks joined the line up!

we welcome Geometric Elephant and also its clothing line to match.

and also Watson's Bay Sydney joined the gallery.

Geometric Lion is special because it utilities 13 or 14 artworks an and takes advantage of the many paint textures I have made on my artworks. In Photoshop they were cut out one by one and after a total of 440 tiles were cut out the Elephants face was complete.

Watsons Bay art work uses the dot technique that the Neo-impressionists used to deliver colour and have the eye optically blend it together for bright vivid colour. Watson's Bay is one of my favourite Sydney locations and is adored by thousands of Sydney siders and tourists.

The Yellow colour pallet is meant to illustrate an inviting location warm sunset with scattered clouds that makes people happy when they're at Watson's Bay.

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